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Sherlock is a British crime drama television top best tv series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Created by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. Thirteen episodes have been produced, with four three-part series airing from 2010 to 2017, and a special episode that aired on 1 January 2016. The series is set in the present day, while the one-off special features a Victorian period fantasy resembling the original Holmes stories. Sherlock is produced by the British network BBC, along with Hartswood Films, with Moffat, Gatiss, Sue Vertue and Rebecca Eaton serving as executive producers. The series is supported by the American station WGBH Boston for its Masterpiece anthology series on PBS, where it also airs in the United States. The series is primarily filmed in Cardiff, Wales, with North Gower Street in London used for exterior shots of Holmes and Watson’s 221B Baker Street residence.

Sherlock has received critical acclaim, with many reviews praising the quality of the writing, performances, and direction. Sherlock has been nominated for numerous awards including Emmys, BAFTAs and a Golden Globe, winning several awards across a variety of categories. The show won in three categories at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards including Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for Cumberbatch, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for Freeman and Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special for Moffat. Two years later, it won Outstanding Television Movie. In addition, the show was also honoured with a Peabody Award in 2011. The third series became the UK’s most watched drama series since 2001. Sherlock has been sold to 180 territories.


Sherlock Holmes Season 4 Download HD Free

Season 4 The Abominable Bride S4, Ep0, 1 Jan. 2016 Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson find themselves in 1890s London in this Christmas special. The Six Thatchers…

Sherlock Holmes Season 3 Download Free

Season 3 Many Happy Returns S3, Ep0, 19 Jan. 2014 John and Lestrade try to move on with their lives after Sherlock’s apparent death. However, Anderson believes…

Sherlock Holmes Season 2 Download HD Free

Season 2 A Scandal in Belgravia S2, Ep1, 6 May 2012 Sherlock must confiscate something of importance from a mysterious woman named Irene Adler. The Hounds of…

Sherlock Holmes Season 1 Download HD Free

Season 1 Unaired Pilot S1, Ep0, 5 Jun. 2011 Invalided home from the war in Afghanistan, Dr. John Watson becomes roommates with the world’s only “consulting detective,”…

Sherlock Holmes Season 1

Episode 0: Unaired Pilot: http://zipansion.com/3ucuL

Episode 1: A Study in Pink: http://zipansion.com/3ucb5

Episode 2: The Blind Banker: http://zipansion.com/3uckN

Episode 3: The Great Game: http://zipansion.com/3ucm2

Sherlock Holmes Season 2

Episode 1: A Scandal in Belgravia: http://zipansion.com/3uiTH

Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskerville: http://zipansion.com/3uiWv

Episode 3: The Reichenbach Fall:  http://zipansion.com/3uiXw

Sherlock Holmes Season 3

Episode 0: Many Happy Returns: TBD

Episode 1: The Empty Hearse: http://zipansion.com/3uj04

Episode 2: The Sign of Three: http://zipansion.com/3ujAc

Episode 3: His Last Vow: http://zipansion.com/3ujB4

Sherlock Holmes Season 4

Episode 0: The Abominable Bride: http://zipansion.com/3vCrV

Episode 1: The Six Thatchers: http://zipansion.com/3vCtE

Episode 2: The Lying Detective: http://zipansion.com/3vCtq

Episode 3: The Final Problem: http://zipansion.com/3vCv7


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